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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Acceptance - Revisited

Every morning as I walk through the local park, I see four siblings (two boys and two girls) walking to the local school. The girls always say hello while the younger boys ignore me. :-) Sometimes their mother walks part of the way with them. Every time their mum sees me she always asks if her kids have been behaving themselves; and I always tell her they've been as good as gold.

This morning, when I saw their mother leaning on the park gates I asked her if she was OK. She said she was in pain. She had another baby last year by Caesarean section. She said usually they recommend that you wait three years after a Caesarean before having a baby but she's pregnant again and expecting her baby next month. She said it's sapping her energy and it's all too much for her. I asked her if she's spoken to her doctors. She said she will go to the hospital if the pain gets worse. All I could do was sympathise with her and walk her home.

After I said goodbye to my friend I got thinking about the different life paths that people choose. There's no way I would consciously choose what my friend is going through; then again, I doubt if she would want to walk my path either. I believe right at that moment I was there to act as her guide by walking her home and wishing her well, in rather the same way I would assist someone who has lost their way.

It's not my place to judge why people choose the path they have. I can only accept their choices and wish them the very best on their journeys.


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