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"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
"Life is easy, fun and full of wonder. "~~ Enocia
"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
"I'm a lover, not a fighter." from "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

This Blog is Now Closed

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You are Loved and Safe - Part 2

During my walk I came across two women walking two dogs: a Schnauzer (male) and a Jack Russell (female). I told the women how much I love Schnauzers. One woman said the dogs were an old married couple and they were always bickering.

The Schnauzer was a lot more friendly than the Jack Russell, then again I was fussing over him. When I went to stroke the JR she seemed nervous and moved away. It was only after I made my hand into a fist and let her sniff before she was happy for me to stroke her head.

People are rather like dogs, they need to feel loved and safe before they'll open up and trust you. I know I am too. The only reason why I feel comfortable enough speaking to "strangers" is because I know the Universe is a loving and safe place. I know that everyone is made of Love. I know that Love is everywhere. Otherwise I would feel as nervous as that Jack Russell.

I have also been reprogramming my body with the same thought and reminding my body that there is no need to clam up and get all defensive. You are loved and safe. Just express who you are in your own unique way.

I am loved and safe.
We are all loved and safe.


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Acceptance - Revisited

Every morning as I walk through the local park, I see four siblings (two boys and two girls) walking to the local school. The girls always say hello while the younger boys ignore me. :-) Sometimes their mother walks part of the way with them. Every time their mum sees me she always asks if her kids have been behaving themselves; and I always tell her they've been as good as gold.

This morning, when I saw their mother leaning on the park gates I asked her if she was OK. She said she was in pain. She had another baby last year by Caesarean section. She said usually they recommend that you wait three years after a Caesarean before having a baby but she's pregnant again and expecting her baby next month. She said it's sapping her energy and it's all too much for her. I asked her if she's spoken to her doctors. She said she will go to the hospital if the pain gets worse. All I could do was sympathise with her and walk her home.

After I said goodbye to my friend I got thinking about the different life paths that people choose. There's no way I would consciously choose what my friend is going through; then again, I doubt if she would want to walk my path either. I believe right at that moment I was there to act as her guide by walking her home and wishing her well, in rather the same way I would assist someone who has lost their way.

It's not my place to judge why people choose the path they have. I can only accept their choices and wish them the very best on their journeys.


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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

When I woke up this morning, I thought of an elderly white guy who lives a few doors down. The last time I spoke to him, he said he was going to hospital for an operation. I wondered if he'd had it done and how he was.

My friend has told me lots of stories about how life was like in the army during the 2nd World War; he left at the end of the war. He also likes talking about the good old days. He was married but his wife has long since passed away; he now lives alone. They didn't have any kids. What I love about him the most is his sense of humour. It doesn't matter how dire things seem, he always sees the funny side to it. He also calls me his little girl (not because of my height as I'm taller than him); I reckon he thinks I'm only a girl. The love I feel from him is like a father's unconditional love. Whenever he sees my mother he always asks her how his little girl is.

As soon as I came out of the house this morning, I saw my neighbour's front door was open and he waved at me. It was as if he'd been waiting for me. I went over to have a chat. I told him I'd been thinking of him and asked him how he was. He said they postponed the operation but he's expecting to have it very soon. As we were chatting, he grabbed my hands and said "You're such a lovely little girl, aren't you?" which made my heart melt.

Just before we said goodbye, he gave me a lovely hug.

There are so many opportunities to receive and give love, it's a matter of being open.

I love you too, daddy! I'll always be your little girl.


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Monday, 5 July 2010

Life is Magical

I was walking down this road and thought of an old friend. The last time I saw her was on the same road. I wondered how she and another mutual friend was. Two days later I met her. I told her I'd been thinking of her and our mutual friend. After chatting for a few minutes, we exchanged contact details.

The other day after I heard about how Germany had trounced Argentina in the World Cup, I was dying to have a banter about the match. As I was walking home I saw two guys walking ahead of me. I thought they were both cute. I noticed one guy had a German flag bracelet and I realised they were German. I had a bit of banter with them about football. I loved how quickly my wish had come true.

Life is magical and so much fun.


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Song of the Day - 23

"Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel.


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Any Time, Any Place and Everywhere

"Your task is not to seek for love; but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself, that you have built against it." ~~ A Course in Miracles
As I wasn't home to watch Ghana playing in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, I kept wondering what the score was. When I walked past this pub and saw lots of people standing outside, I asked one guy what the score was. He said it was 1-0 to Ghana and he wanted Ghana to win. I asked him if he'd watched England's last game and he said he had and he thought the game was "shite." I told him I agreed with his expert analysis. We also agreed that despite England's lacklustre performance, we still loved England. Then I said goodbye to my friend.

Later I started wondering if the scores had changed. When I noticed this bookmakers (betting shop) was still open, I went in and asked what the score was. It was 1-1 and they were about to start the penalty. One man even invited me to stay and watch it with them but I declined.

A few minutes later, I saw three teenage boys walking down the street and asked them if they knew what the scores were. They told me it was still 1-1 and they were about to shoot the penalties. One asked me if I was supporting Ghana. I said I was supporting England but look what happened to them. I then said goodbye to them.

About a minute from home I noticed this man sitting in his car listening to the football on the radio. I asked him what the final scores were and he told me Ghana had lost. He said he was very disappointed as he wanted Ghana to go through. He said he's originally from Egypt and wanted an African country to do well. I wished him well.

Just as well I have no problem talking to people. Otherwise, I would have had to wait till I got home to find out the final result.

I am open to receive love any time, any place and everywhere.


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Love Comfort Zones

I was sitting at a cemetery people-watching, this man appeared with a bag of nuts and some bird seeds. He stood next to a fence overlooking the graveyard and tossed over some seeds and nuts for the animals to feed. There was one particular pigeon who was a cut above the rest. He wasn't content to just peck seeds on the ground, he wanted a whole lot more. So he perched on the fence next to the man and fed off the man's hand.

After one squirrel had finished its nut, it came looking for another, but a woman sitting on a bench close by flinched and drove it away. She obviously wasn't a fan of squirrels. The man encouraged the squirrel to come closer. The squirrel came close but didn't seem comfortable taking the nut from the man's hand so the man tossed it and the squirrel picked it up and scurried away.

As I see it, my experience at the cemetery demonstrates various comfort zones about receiving love.

The woman was happy to relax at the cemetery but she wasn't comfortable being around squirrels.

Although the pigeons and squirrels were open to receive food, they didn't feel comfortable being too close to the man. Only one pigeon was prepared to get so close that he ate off the man's hand; and was rewarded handsomely for it.

I loved how accepting the man was of the animals and how he met them at their preferred comfort zones.

As for me, I was happy to observe what was going on so I could record it on my blog. That's my kind of love comfort zone.


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Resurrecting the Dead

So I was sitting on a bench at an old cemetery eating my sandwich and enjoying the lovely sunshine. It suddenly occurred to me that for a place that's meant to be full of dead people, it was teeming with life. The trees were in full bloom and the graves were covered with all sorts of shrubs. There were pigeons all over the place pecking away at God knows what. I also saw some squirrels feeding. On the benches across me, one man was reading and another had his eyes closed. A man appeared with a bag of nuts and some bird seeds to feed the animals.

Then I heard what sounded like music. Have I died and gone to heaven? There was a boy playing on a piano and a standing beside him strumming his guitar. I noticed a sign that read: "City of London Festival." Aha, they must be part of the festival. I also noticed another sign on the piano that read: "Play Me, I'm Yours." Oh I see, the piano had been placed there to encourage people to play and the boy had seized the opportunity, though I have to say he ain't no Mozart.

It's wonderful how an ordinary and drab looking place like a cemetery can be resurrected with animals, love and music.

Beauty is everywhere.


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Separated at Birth - Part 3

Here's another long-lost identical twin I've recently discovered. Check out how similar we are.

Head of a Woman by Andrea del Verrocchio

"Head of Enocia" by a friend

I'm really loving this game of finding my identical twins. :-)


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Friday, 2 July 2010

ETs are Already Here

I may look human, but I know I am an ET.

Good to see it's now being recognised that we've never been alone.


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Separated at Birth - Part 2

I've discovered I have another identical twin I was separated at birth from. Check out how similar we are.

ET and friend

EJ and invisible friend

I rest my case. :-)


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Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Squeaky Clean Video

Love is Everywhere

As I was walking through this park, I felt someone touching my bottom. Who would dare to touch me so intimately without my consent? I turned round and saw a grey Weimaraner dog with a frisby in his mouth. He had such beautiful eyes.

"Hello you!" I said to my new friend. "What can I do for you?"

He poked me with the frisby.

"Do you want me to throw the frisby for you to catch?" I said. I reached for the frisby but he wouldn't let go of it.

"What does he want me to do?" I asked the dog's human friend.

"He wants you to run so he can chase you," she said.

"Oh I see, he hasn't been having much luck with you, so he's picked me," I chuckled.

I stroked his head and walked away but he followed me.

"I'm amazed how he can pant with a frisby in his mouth," I said to the woman. "With such a skill he should go on Britain's Got Talent."

"Can you just imagine?" she laughed.

I then said goodbye to my friends.

A few minutes later as I was walking down this road, I noticed a woman waving at someone in a house. The woman she was waving at was another woman sitting by the window carrying her baby. When I waved at the baby, mum and baby grinned and waved back.

An hour later at my local park, I met my neighbour and his two dogs who were playing with a ball and chasing each other. I chatted with him for a few minutes.

I believe anyone who thinks there's not enough love in the world is walking around with their eyes closed.

Love is everywhere.


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There is Nothing Wrong - Part 2

In a previous piece called There is Nothing Wrong, I talked about how looking for a cause tends to exacerbate a situation. I learned the hard way through personal experience that when I go looking for a cause for an illness, for example, I always find one, which delays the actual healing. However, when I come from the premise that, regardless of how things appear there is nothing wrong and all is well, the appearance will either become nothing or will be transformed into a reality that is for my highest good. How? My words come to life and become the thing itself.

Two days after writing that piece, I experienced symptoms of a migraine. Instead of looking for an emotional, mental or environmental cause, I reminded myself that there is nothing wrong with me. Then I affirmed that I see and feel only Love. The symptoms and headache were dissolved in no time at all. (See Love Does It Again!).

For the last few months there have been reports galore about the oil spill in the Gulf and who should shoulder the blame; who is responsible for clearing it up. I believe the principle of "There is nothing wrong" can be applied to this situation.

Instead of focusing on why the spill happened or blaming someone, I choose to deny the cause.

There is nothing wrong.

I see the Gulf as perfect and teeming with life.
I see people around the Gulf healthy and happy.
I see all things working out for good.

I trust in the Universe to resolve the situation perfectly.


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