"Love is all there is." ~~ Enocia
"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
"Life is easy, fun and full of wonder. "~~ Enocia
"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
"I'm a lover, not a fighter." from "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Why Love Always Wins - Part 2

Sometimes I post my articles on forums to share and sometimes I can't be bothered. I figure since they are on the Internet, those who resonate will find them anyway.

That's just me being human. Sometimes I'm in the mood to share and sometimes I'm not.

Regardless what mood I'm in, Divine Love is always busy pouring out His gifts and blessings whether I ask for them or not; whether I believe in HIS Presence or not. Love then ends up inspiring me to share some more of the blessings I am receiving.

After exchanging emails with a friend which resulted in a misunderstanding. Instead of continuing the exchange, I wished her well and deleted the thread. Later I received an email from her asking me to do her a favour. When we met up the next day, I teased her about being "grumpy" and we had a chat. It was as if the "misunderstanding" had never happened. Love had obviously dissolved whatever "issue" it was. She even invited me to a lecture that evening but I couldn't attend as I had other plans.

Love doesn't pay any attention to human moods and tantrums, Love loves anyway and dissolves all signs of disharmony.

That's why Love always wins.


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