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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Who is Pulling Your Strings?

"If you think you're thinking your own thoughts, think again." Who is Thinking Whom?

A few days ago I watched a movie called Even Almighty about a congressman who is asked by God to build an ark in preparation for a flood. Evan doesn't believe in God and refuses to build the ark until God makes his beard grow so long and his hair so unkempt that he has no choice but to stay at home and build the ark. At first, his wife doesn't support Evan and moves away with the kids but she's inspired by God to return home to support her husband.

The next day after watching the movie, as I was walking home, I thought about an email exchange I'd had earlier with an Internet friend who was still very upset about Michael Jackson's death. Suddenly, I heard someone across the road calling out to me. At first I didn't recognise the man then I realised it was the local shopkeeper whom I hadn't seen in about two weeks. The reason why I hadn't recognised him was because his beard was almost as long as Evan's in the movie. I asked him why he was growing his beard and he said he'd recently lost a loved one and, in his culture, growing his beard was his way of showing respect. I thought it was amazing how I'd been thinking of Michael Jackson's passing a few moments ago. I wished my friend my best wishes.

There's a man who lives in our neighbourhood who I sometimes see walking his dog. As I was walking through the park, I noticed a guy sitting on the park bench and he reminded me of my friend. Just as I was walking by his house, he came out of his house with his two dogs. I told him I'd been thinking of him.

The next morning when I walked by his house, I saw his car was parked outside. That evening as I was walking back, I noticed a car approaching and the driver beeped at me. It turned out to be my neighbour.

When a Facebook friend posted a line from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar when Caesar realises his best friend, Brutus, had been part of his assassination plot, I told my friend that I'd studied the book at school. The next day, a friend emailed me a story about a dog that had been trained by the military and the dog's name was Brutus.

We all like to think we are making our own decisions and thinking our own original thoughts. What most people don't realise is that they are mere puppets on a string acting out recycled thoughts in the collective human consciousness. That's fine when the thoughts you're picking up are in harmony with who you are. What happens when the thoughts are not in your own best interest? How would you even know what's best for you if you're too busy thinking?

I believe one way to avoid acting out people's thoughts is to know yourself, not as you've been humanly programmed, but to go beyond the programming and practise being in the silence. Then you are free of indoctrination and can make decisions as your authentic self.

Otherwise, your plans and aspirations are nothing more than strings that someone else is pulling to make you dance.


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