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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

To Manifest is to Recover Buried Memories

"Everything comes to you when you transcend the desire for it. This is the one lesson which you and I have to learn eventually. It is very tricky for it teaches 'if you want a desire to be fulfilled, just conquer that desire.' At that very moment, the desire is fulfilled. That is food for thought. Think about it. Anything you want to have, go beyond that want, and then it will be there at your feet." Siddhis or Miraculous Powers
A week ago, I thought of a friend who was meant to get in contact with me about a gig he was having but I never heard from him. I wondered how he was and if I was going to see him again. Five days later, as I was walking home using a different route, I saw my friend cycling by, but he didn't stop. We only had enough time for him to say hello and I waved hello back. At least I know he's still alive and kicking.

A while back when my email got hijacked and I couldn't access my email, I lost all my contacts. I trusted that the friends who really care will look me up on the Web and get in touch, which they did. Recently, one friend who I dated a couple of times popped up in thought. As I no longer had his contact details or his phone number, there wasn't any way to contact him. I wondered how he was and whether he was still living in London or had returned home to Turkey.

During my bus journey this morning, my friend got on the same bus. I was going to call out to him but then I realised I couldn't remember his name. He's one of the best snogs (kiss) I've ever had and I can't even remember his name. Fortunately, he had his back turned towards me. While I was frantically trying to remember his name, he turned round and started fiddling with his mobile. Any moment now he was going to look up and see me sitting there, walk over and say hello and I won't be able to remember his name. I decided I could do without the embarrassment, so I put out an intention for him not to see me. At the next stop, several passengers got on and stood in front of me, which obscured my presence. My friend got off a few stops after. Never mind, at least I got my question answered about whether he's still living in London.

As I was still curious about my friend's name, I put out an intention that I wanted to remember his name, then I stopped thinking about it. A few minutes later, his name popped up in memory.

These experiences got me thinking about desires I have yet to experience. What if I were to treat all desires as buried memories in Infinite Mind that exist in all time, all space, and all realities? In other words, instead of fretting over when and how my desires will be made manifest, all I need to do is put out the intention that I wish to remember the desires of my heart, stop giving them further thought and relax. Then, that which appears to be "buried" will surface naturally and effortlessly.

To manifest is to recover buried memories.


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