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Sunday, 27 June 2010

There is Nothing Wrong

When I read at an Internet forum that someone had gone to hospital, I was not interested in the details. I simply thought: "There is nothing wrong." Then I left a comment that I was thinking of the friend.

How can I say "there is nothing wrong" when there was obviously cause for the individual to go to hospital?

Because I didn't want to get into that cause mentality. I believe when I start looking for a cause for something, I will surely find an answer, whether it's fact or fiction. But when I start from the premise that there is nothing wrong, then nothing is going to be the outcome.

I remember when I used to have pain in one knee that was so bad it kept giving way and it made me limp. I went looking for a cause for the pain. After the knee was X-rayed, they couldn't find any cause but I wasn't happy with that result; I was going to find a cause by hook or by crook. Since conventional medicine couldn't help, I sought solutions in alternative therapies. The energy healer told me the cause was a past life issue; the physiotherapist told me the cause was genetic; the chiropractor told me the cause was physiological; the osteopath said the cause was both physiological and post-traumatic; the acupuncturist told me the cause was a blockage in my energy centres; the homeopath told me the cause was emotional. And so my quest continued leading me to train and become a practitioner of Reiki, NLP and Pranic Healing. I also studied shamanic healing and spiritual healing. These various models of healing suggested that the cause was emotional and mental. I still wasn't healed.

It was only after I depleted my funds and got desperate that I turned to God and asked for help. I was shown a vision of myself running. Not long after, I was inspired to run for a bus and I found my knee to be perfect.

My point is while I was out looking for a cause, all I kept finding were more possible causes, while the effect (pain) stubbornly remained. When I asked God for help, I was shown myself as already perfect, so perfect that I can run. In other words, God showed me that there was nothing wrong with me and that nothing was made manifest as healing.

No matter how things appear, stop looking for a cause. Just keep remembering that there is nothing wrong and it's all good. Then whatever it is will be erased and replaced by that which is good for all time.

When I see cause as nothing the effect will also be nothing.


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