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"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
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Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Problem with Eternal Youth

The problem with looking ageless is people can jump to the wrong conclusions. I saw this guy yesterday who I've never seen before. Presumably, he's new to our neighbourhood. When he saw where I was going, he asked me if I was going to visit my grandmother. I said yes as I couldn't be bothered to explain. I couldn't wait to tease my mother about what the man had said. She wasn't offended though as she's got used to it. Someone has even asked her if she had me later in life, which she thinks is hilarious.

In the UK, the tradition is when someone reaches the age of 100 they are sent a telegram from the Queen (or whoever is ruling at the time) to celebrate that momentous occasion. I have this fantasy of turning 100 and when someone delivers the telegram and expects to see someone old and wrinkly, they find someone looking 70 years younger. :-) That will teach them not to believe in the aging hype!

I am eternal youth now and forever.


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