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Monday, 21 June 2010

Joining with ET

Yesterday I watched ET - The Extraterrestrial for the umpteenth time. What I love about watching movies I love is that I get to see more stuff I haven't noticed before.

In the movie the young ET is accidentally left on earth by his family, which means he has to fend for himself until his people return. (While I believe highly evolved entities like ETs are hardly going to be separated from their offspring and not able to communicate with him telepathically, I'm going to suspend judgment as the film does have wonderful gems in it).

Back to the movie...

Fortunately for the young ET, he is discovered by a ten year old boy called Elliott who takes him home and looks after him. Elliott confides in his older brother and young sister and make them promise not to tell any adults about ET. In any case, their mother who has recently separated from her husband (their father), is so preoccupied with her concerns about life she is totally oblivious to an alien being living in the house and consuming the food in the fridge.

Although ET and Elliott have developed a strong bond, and can even communicate telepathically, ET still feels homesick and develops a technology to contact his people millions of light years away. While he's waiting to be rescued, the federal agents discover ET with Elliott, take over, and start prodding him for information. Elliott is distraught to be separated from ET. Only one federal agent, Keys, can sympathise with Elliott as he's been waiting to see an ET since he was ten years old. While ET appears to have died, Elliott loses their telepathic link. It turns out ET has only been regenerating himself. When Elliott discovers ET is still alive, he, his brother and a few friends take ET to the spot where his people arrive to take him home. As Elliott and ET say their final goodbyes, ET points to Elliott's forehead and says "I'll be right here", meaning they will always be together in thought and in their hearts.

Now before I explore what the movie means to me, a slight digression.

I believe the purpose of life is to express life as the Soul in human form, which can be achieved in two ways. You can either realise your identity as Soul; or join with one who knows their identity as Soul and they will uplift you. The second option is what happens when people follow spiritual teachers and gurus. They surrender to the teacher to lead them to enlightenment.

To me, ET represents one who has realised their nature as Soul, while Elliott represents someone who consciously chooses to associate or join with someone who knows their nature as Soul in order that they can be uplifted. In the movie, when Elliott comes across "ET", he could have easily reported him to the "authorities." Instead Elliott chooses to "adopt" him. As their relationship develops, Elliott and ET become so at one that Elliott can feel whatever ET is feeling and even thinks what ET is thinking. We get to see this srong connection being played out in the scenes where Elliott is at school and ET is at home. While Elliott is listening to his class teacher, ET is exploring the fridge at home for some food. ET drinks some beer and gets drunk. Even though Elliott hasn't drunk any, he still feels drunk. When ET burps, Elliott burps. When ET is reading a comic and is thinking of "Help", Elliott receives the thought and interprets it as the frogs, he and his classmates are about to experiment on, crying out for help. So he inspires his classmates to set the frogs free. While ET is watching a movie and the stars in the film kiss, Elliott acts on the feeling and grabs a classmate and kisses her. When ET gets sick, Elliott feels sick and says "we are sick."

In the final scenes when Elliott and his friends are trying to evade the authorities on their bicycles, Elliott tunes into ET's power which lifts them up and they're able to fly to their destination. The human Elliott could never have been able to achieve such a feat if he wasn't joined with ET. I believe if ET had stayed longer, Elliott would have become more ET than human.

If you want to be enlightened and can't be bothered to do the work of self-realisation, the fast-track method is consciously joining with someone who is already self-realised, though you still have to put the work in by constantly remembering to join in every moment. Then you get to experience what it's like to be ET, the Extraterrestrial.

Thank you, ET, for your eternal gems. Hope you are now happy at home.


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