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"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
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"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's Only a Game - Revisited

It's the World Cup season where nations will be competing for that one coveted prize.

Getting that accolade is serious business, so serious in fact that countries in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) had to qualify for the games as independent nations. Only England has qualified.

Naturally, people in countries that have qualified are going to support their nations and want them to win. I also want England to win.

Just because England is playing as an independent nation doesn't mean it's no longer part of the United Kingdom. It's only a game and the game changes nothing. England will always be part of the United Kingdom whether they win or lose.

Just because the nations are competing against one another doesn't mean they are opposed to one another. It's only a game and the game changes nothing. All nations will always be part of the human race regardless of the final outcome.

Like the FIFA World Cup, life is simply a game where each of us is pretending to be separate. The problem starts when people start to identify with the dream and forget the purpose of the game is simply to play the Game of Let's Pretend. Whether people remember that it's a game or not changes nothing. We are one regardless.

In the game of life, it's every man for himself; but in Reality, we are eternally one Love, one Power and one Wisdom.

Come on England!
Come on England!


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