"Love is all there is." ~~ Enocia
"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
"Life is easy, fun and full of wonder. "~~ Enocia
"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
"I'm a lover, not a fighter." from "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson


Thursday, 24 June 2010

A House Divided

"Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. Luke 11: 17
I believe love is unity. That unity could be unity with myself, my family and loved ones, associates, animals, nature, the earth, and the universe at large. When I'm fighting against myself, I'm a "house divided against itself", which will surely fall into disharmony.

One way the "house divided against itself" mentality is perpetuated is through the belief in duality i.e. there are things that good/bad; harmless/harmful; light/dark etc. Then you experience disharmony in mind and body.

Another example is what happened to the French football team in the World Cup. Apparently, after a player was expelled from the team, the rest of the team stopped cooperating with their manager. The team's disunity must have had a huge impact on their performance which led to the French team being knocked out of the World Cup. In other words, the team divided against itself led to failure. My heart goes out to the French team. I hope they learn the importance of working together as a team.

While I was working on this piece, an error message appeared notifying me that I was no longer connected. I obviously didn't want to lose what I'd written. So in thought I said "We are working together as one." Then a message popped up telling me how to get back online but before I could even follow the instructions, the problem was resolved.

No matter how things appear all is one; and we are always working together in perfect harmony.


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