"Love is all there is." ~~ Enocia
"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
"Life is easy, fun and full of wonder. "~~ Enocia
"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
"I'm a lover, not a fighter." from "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson


Monday, 24 May 2010

Insect Repellent

At this time of the year at the local marshes, where I like to take my walks, there are zillions of insects. I've long since learned that it's pointless waving them away as they seem oblivious to my presence and just fly in my face.

I find the most effective insect repellent is to be in inner silence i.e. having no thought. Then when insects come and go, they have no effect whatsoever on me.

In that space of inner silence, humans and insects can live together in perfect harmony.


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