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Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Dog Walker

While I was walking through this park, I met a man walking with lots of dogs. I asked him if they were all his and he said only two were his, the rest were his clients. My friend was a dog walker. I asked him if he had to feed them. He said he only had to walk them and the dogs owner's took care of the rest. I told him how impressed I was that all the dogs got on so well. My friend the dogs enjoy each other's company.

I asked my friend if he had any cats and he said no. He said before he got his two dogs, he used to have a cat but he moved out to an elderly couple who lived a few houses down.

"How come?" I said.

"They fed him and even let him sleep on their bed," he said. "I wouldn't let him in my bedroom let alone my bed as I don't like cat fur."

"No wonder he moved out!" I chuckled.

"Yeah, he was on to a good thing at my neighbours so there was nothing to stay for."

We ended up exchanging cat stories. I told him about a friend's cat called Smokey who is addicted to cigarettes. He told me about a friend's cat who was partial to olives and used to get them out of the jar.

Before we parted company I couldn't resist teasing him.

"Look at you with all those dog leads hanging around your neck!"

"I'm the poor man's Mr T*," he said.

"Good one!" I chuckled.

I love how animals help connect people.


* "Mr. T is also well-known for his distinctive mohawk hairstyle, for wearing large amounts of gold jewelry, and for his tough guy image." Source

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