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Friday, 28 May 2010

Does God Require a Visa?

"Because God is all there is, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about." Wonderful Things are Happening, Dorothy Rieke
A friend sent me a story called God's 26 Guards, which I've read before, about a missionary travelling in Africa who saw two men fighting and tended to one's injury. Long story short, when the missionary met the guy he once looked after, he confessed that he and his friends had intended to kill him and take his money and drugs but they couldn't because he was surrounded by 26 armed guards. The missionary said he was alone but the man insisted that he did have 26 armed guards with him which scared them off. When the missionary went home, he shared his story with his friends in the church. It turned out 26 members of the church had been prompted to pray for him.

It's al well and good to be called upon to intervene for another. I've felt the urge to intercede on people's behalf too. However, if I believe in a God of Love that is everywhere present, creative and always active, why do I need to pray for God to act or to act for someone? Put another way, would a God of Love allow any thoughts and deeds of attack? Hmmm, unless God is not omnipresent.

Aha! That must be it! There are places where God has free reign and places where God is not present and needs a visa in order to have entry. The way to grant God a visa to places foreign to Him is to pray.

How preposterous!

The God I believe in is OMNIPRESENT meaning everywhere present. In other words, Love is all and in all. The God I believe in is always active. Therefore, where there is only Love there is no other reality to oppose Love.

To recap, praying is only necessary if I don't believe the power of Good or Love is omnipresent. Otherwise, all I have to keep remembering is Love is all there is and Love is an active, creative intelligence that never stops working. That Power knows exactly what is right for each individual and expresses accordingly.

God doesn't require a visa as He has free reign in the infinite universes.


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