"Love is all there is." ~~ Enocia
"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
"Life is easy, fun and full of wonder. "~~ Enocia
"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
"I'm a lover, not a fighter." from "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Problems are Solutions in Disguise

I woke up in the middle of the night with the following thought: "Problems are solutions in disguise."

It's only natural that if I am the source of the "problem" then the source of the solution must also lie in me. All I need to do is be the solution.

A week ago when it was really warm, I started sneezing. At first I wondered if I was being affected by the pollen then I dismissed the thought. I live in Love and Love can't give me allergies. When I looked around me I noticed everything around me radiating light. When I got on the bus, not only were the passengers radiating light, even the rail I was holding on to was radiating the same light. As I observed the light, I felt the congestion in my nostril dissolving and I stopped sneezing.

The next day I went for a walk at the marshes near where I live. As it had been raining earlier part of the paths had muddy puddles. At one point I tried to avoid the puddle by taking a detour on the grass. At first there was a lot of grass which started getting sparse, and the land got softer and softer. As I didn't want to get stuck in the bog, I thought: "HELP!" The ground instantly felt solid underneath my feet. I found every step I took was solid until I was off the grass and back on the path.

In this dreamlike universe, where everything is always shifting, problems can easily shape shift into solutions.

Problems are solutions in disguise.


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