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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Just Like a Dog

In the morning I usually see four kids - two girls and their two young brothers - who attend the local primary school. The boys and one sister usually walk together while the other sister often lags behind and is often speaking on her mobile phone. Sometimes I even see their mother who accompanies them for part of their journey. The girls always smile at me and say hello.

As I was walking through the park yesterday, I saw one girl with the two boys. The older boy was waving his arms about. When I asked him what was wrong, he said there was a wasp around and he didn't want to get stung.

"You'll be alright!" I said to him.

As I was walking away I had a thought that maybe I could have shared my own experience with a wasp which might have helped dissipate the fear. Oh well, it's too late now! Maybe next time I see him.

This morning I came across one sister and the little boy. The one who had been scared of the wasp wasn't with her.

"Could you pass a message to your brother for me, the one who was scared of that wasp?" I said. "Tell him that years ago I had a wasp crawl on my head but it didn't sting me because I wasn't scared of it. A wasp will only sting if you are scared of it."

"Just like a dog," the girl said.

"Yes, just like a dog," I smiled. "Have a nice day!"

I love how the girl got what I was saying. Just treat the wasp like a dog that wants to play and it won't harm you.


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