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"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
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"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
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Monday, 26 April 2010

Cause or Causeless?

I believe what we collectively call the Universe can be experienced in two ways: as having a cause or without a cause/causeless.

When the Universe is experienced as having a cause, it's rather like a dog that has been trained to sniff out particular objects. That dog will not stop till he's found the object. Let's say you have a stomach upset. If you are someone who only believes in a material cause for everything, the Universe will suggest an appropriate material cause such as something you ate. If that makes sense to you then you'll do something appropriate to counter the effects such as taking pills etc. If you're someone who believes in an emotional or mental cause for everything, the Universe will remind you about how you were feeling upset earlier. It makes sense that when you're feeling upset you're bound to have an upset stomach. To counter the effect, you will either remind yourself to calm down or think happy thoughts.

When the Universe is experienced as without a cause, there is no material, emotional or mental cause. Therefore, it's futile asking a dog to look for nothing; the dog is simply just going to do nothing as that command makes no sense to the dog. Back to the stomach upset example, when I deny any material, emotional or mental cause or think "there is no cause", the Universe has no choice but to accept that there is no cause. No cause = no effect. I will then find myself experiencing my natural state of being resulting in no stomach upstet.

I believe the Universe is inherently causeless. In other words, there is only one causeless Self, that has no beginning or end, experiencing life in its infinite forms. (I have also referred to the Self as Being, Beloved, Bliss, Consciousness, Freedom, Force, God, Life, Light, Love, Reality or Spirit). I believe the purpose of the Self is to experience and express its nature as inexhaustible bliss.

I believe the key to experiencing life as causeless is to give my dog nothing to look for, which will effectively send him into early retirement. The dog is not going to like it as it likes being active. It's going to take lots of patience to convince the dog that being still is also fun.

When I'm not looking for a cause, I am letting the Self be me; and in Self, all things are possible.


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