"Love is all there is." ~~ Enocia
"Only One exists." ~~ Enocia
"Life is easy, fun and full of wonder. "~~ Enocia
"Love always wins." ~~ Enocia
"Only Love has any reality." Enocia
"I'm a lover, not a fighter." from "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson


Friday, 30 April 2010

If You are Happy, I am Happy!

From time to time, I meet forever friends. It matters not what mask they're wearing in terms of their age, race, religion, culture or gender, I always recognise them as my spirit friends.

As I was walking home, I noticed this elderly lady walking with a Zimmer Frame on the bicycle lane. When she stopped to have a rest, I smiled at her. She returned my smile.

"How are you today?" she said in an Italian accent.

"I'm fine, thank you," I said and gave her a hug which she returned.

"That's good," she said pointing to her heart. "If you are happy, I am happy!"

After a final hug, I said goodbye to my friend.

About half an hour later, a guy walked by me and said, "Ciao, bella!"

Hmmm, looks like I'm having an Italian evening, I thought to myself. I said hello to my friend and said ciao.

Love and light to all my forever friends.


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Below the Belt

I have a list of things I would like to do or experience before I leave this dream reality; some I have written down and others I just have in my head. One of my dreams nearly came true yesterday.

As I was walking home, I saw three young men hanging out. Although they were all wearing low-hanging trousers, one guy's was so low it was almost down to his knees.

I smiled at the guys and they smiled back

"Tell me, how do you manage to walk when your trousers are that low?" I said to the guy with the lowest hanging trousers.

"Someone nicked (stole) my belt," he laughed.

"You know, every time I see a guy's trousers this low, I have this strong urge to pull them down," I said. "I can feel the urge right now."

All my friends burst out laughing.

"He's right though," one of the other guys said, "someone has nicked his belt."

"See you later, guys!" I said.

Although my fantasy to pull down someone's trousers hasn't yet come true, at least I got to talk about it. That's a step in the right direction. :-)


Up on the Roof

As I was walking down this road, where a cat I adore lives, I noticed this woman standing on the pavement.

"Can you hear that?" she said to me.

"What?" I said.

"The bird singing. Just listen! I think it's calling out to its mate."

"Yes, I can here it," I smiled. "Wow, it's so beautiful and sweet!"

"I wonder where it's coming from?" the woman said.

My attention was drawn to a tree behind a row of houses across the road.

"Maybe, it's coming from that tree," I said.

"Look, on that roof there's a bird sitting on a TV aerial," she said. "I think it's him singing."

The bird instantly took off. As it was flying towards another roof we could hear it singing and it sounded even louder and more beautiful.

"Aww, it's as it's saying, 'see, it's me singing!'" I said.

"Thank you for being here to share the joy with me," the woman smiled.

"Thank you for bringing the bird's song to my attention," I said. "I was so in my head at the time, I don't think I would have noticed."

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful smile," the woman said.

"My pleasure. Have a lovely evening!"

For the rest of my journey home I was very aware of birds singing but I have to say they were nowhere as sweet as our friend up on the roof.

Thank you, Love, for always being there to show me the infinite beauty around me.


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Thursday, 29 April 2010

But Seriously

While I was watching a documentary on television about some kids being taught how to play the violin, I thought to myself that they looked so serious. Why do classical musicians always look so serious?

It was then it occurred to me that people have told me I look really serious when I'm writing. It's not that I am not enjoying what I'm doing, I'm just so lost in the moment, I must appear serious. Come to think of it, I never have to concentrate as the ideas come without thought.

Now I seriously have no idea what it means to be serious. :-(


Too Clever By Half!

In an email to a friend, I mentioned I had attached something. As I was about to send the email, I received a notification from Google Mail asking if I was sure I wanted to send my email without an attachment.

Google Mail, you are too clever by half!

When I said "attached" I didn't mean I had literally attached a file or document, I was using the word in a different context, see? Yes, I do want to send the email without an attachment.

Thank you very much, Google Mail, for caring. :-)

Listen to me, speaking to a bloody email! I must be losing my marbles!


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Problems are Solutions in Disguise

I woke up in the middle of the night with the following thought: "Problems are solutions in disguise."

It's only natural that if I am the source of the "problem" then the source of the solution must also lie in me. All I need to do is be the solution.

A week ago when it was really warm, I started sneezing. At first I wondered if I was being affected by the pollen then I dismissed the thought. I live in Love and Love can't give me allergies. When I looked around me I noticed everything around me radiating light. When I got on the bus, not only were the passengers radiating light, even the rail I was holding on to was radiating the same light. As I observed the light, I felt the congestion in my nostril dissolving and I stopped sneezing.

The next day I went for a walk at the marshes near where I live. As it had been raining earlier part of the paths had muddy puddles. At one point I tried to avoid the puddle by taking a detour on the grass. At first there was a lot of grass which started getting sparse, and the land got softer and softer. As I didn't want to get stuck in the bog, I thought: "HELP!" The ground instantly felt solid underneath my feet. I found every step I took was solid until I was off the grass and back on the path.

In this dreamlike universe, where everything is always shifting, problems can easily shape shift into solutions.

Problems are solutions in disguise.


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Source is Limitless

I tend to use public libraries a lot. I have observed libraries have their rules and policies that determine what they provide for free, what you have to pay for, etc. There's no guarantee that the services are always going to be provided either.

That's the human dream for you. Everything that humans give, provide, or have created have limitations.

If it's a business service, the offer is always limited. This is based on the premise that since everything in the world costs money, the money has to come from somewhere to keep whatever services that are being provided going. When the money is limited, the offer or services provided is bound to be limited.

Human love always has limits. You can only give so much of yourself as there is only one of you. Even if you are someone who loves unconditionally, you know that you only have a limited amount of time on earth as every moment leads you one step closer to the grave.

I believe there is a way around this. See all things such as businesses, employment, energy, entertainment, food, furniture, happiness, health, houses, ideas, life, media, money, opportunities, politics, recreation, relationships, services, stuff, transportation, well-being - as coming from one Source.

Next, know this Source to be omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and limitless. I like to call the Source God or the One in all.

Then every moment the One is actively working through all channels as limitless: energy, love, life, power, support, wisdom and all that we need to make life wonderful.

There is only one Source and it is limitless.


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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Just Like a Dog

In the morning I usually see four kids - two girls and their two young brothers - who attend the local primary school. The boys and one sister usually walk together while the other sister often lags behind and is often speaking on her mobile phone. Sometimes I even see their mother who accompanies them for part of their journey. The girls always smile at me and say hello.

As I was walking through the park yesterday, I saw one girl with the two boys. The older boy was waving his arms about. When I asked him what was wrong, he said there was a wasp around and he didn't want to get stung.

"You'll be alright!" I said to him.

As I was walking away I had a thought that maybe I could have shared my own experience with a wasp which might have helped dissipate the fear. Oh well, it's too late now! Maybe next time I see him.

This morning I came across one sister and the little boy. The one who had been scared of the wasp wasn't with her.

"Could you pass a message to your brother for me, the one who was scared of that wasp?" I said. "Tell him that years ago I had a wasp crawl on my head but it didn't sting me because I wasn't scared of it. A wasp will only sting if you are scared of it."

"Just like a dog," the girl said.

"Yes, just like a dog," I smiled. "Have a nice day!"

I love how the girl got what I was saying. Just treat the wasp like a dog that wants to play and it won't harm you.


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Song of the Day - 1

"PYT - Pretty Young Thing" by the wonderful Michael Jackson.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Nothing Can Separate Me from Love - Revisited

I believe Infinite Love is all there is.

Thus, it matters not what I believe, feel or think; what I've done or not done; nothing can prevent me from being and experiencing Infinite Love.

Put another way, nothing I do, believe, feel or think can separate me from what I love.

In the same respect, nothing anyone does, believes, feels or thinks can separate me from what I love.

Nothing can separate me from Love.


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Stop Asking, Just Know

In a universe where all questions have their answers regardless whether they are truth or fiction, how does one avoid confusion and being misled?


Stop asking questions, just know the truth for yourself.

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.


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Chance Meeting

After listening to a song by a band I used to love in the 80s, I started wondering about the lead singer who had long since gone solo. I looked up his website and admired some of his photos. One photo reminded me of a photo a dear friend had taken of me. It also made me think about the same friend and I wondered how he was doing.

Later, as I was walking home, I had an urge to pee. I decided to stop off at this library and use their facilities. When I entered the library, I no longer had the urge to pee. I figured as I was in this library, which I hadn't been to in ages, I might as well have a browse. I picked up a romantic fiction book at random and sat down to read a few pages.

I have to say one reason why I no longer read romantic fiction and novels for that matter is because I find the stories long-winded and tedious. As I see it, when two people meet and like each other, why do they have to go through all those twists and turns? Why not just go for it and live happily ever after? I guess people who love these kinds of novels enjoy the drama. I certainly don't! After reading a few pages, I was bored out of my skull. There weren't even any raunchy parts to keep me entertained.

Why am I wasting my time reading this book anyway? And why did I pick up this particular novel? It was only when I looked at the author's name that it all made sense. The first name of the author was the same as the musician whose website I had been browsing earlier; and the author's surname was the same surname as the friend I'd been thinking of who had taken my photos.

What are the chances!

As for the novel? I read the last chapter and was happy to discover that the lovers sorted out their differences and realised that ever since their first chance meeting they had always loved each other, and planned to live happily ever after.

I love chance meetings with happy ever afters.


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Why Love Always Wins

"If God be for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8: 31
I believe life is a game consisting of two teams. One team is doing all it can to keep us living in fear of our surroundings and people around us by constantly coming up with strategies and rules to keep us in more fear and bondage. It is quite understandable really because these rules keep the System in place. For instance, if everyone was kind to one another, many people's livelihood would be at stake. There will be no need for the army, doctors, insurance companies, lawyers, police, politicians and even religion.

While one team is busy distracting us with fear strategies, the other team is actively setting us free and uniting us with our good.

As I was walking into town this morning, I had this urge to drink some water. I remembered a library I usually walk past had water so I stopped in and had some.

When I came out of the library and crossed over the road, I noticed this elderly lady standing near the traffic lights. After I said hello to her, she asked me if I knew where she could catch her bus. I pointed to a bus stop across the road but she said she couldn't see it. She asked me if I could walk her across. I had to slow down my pace considerably to walk with her. My friend also seemed terrified of crossing the road so I kept reassuring her that she was safe with me. On the other side, her bus had just left the bus stop and was waiting at the traffic light. I beckoned to the driver to open the doors for the woman but he shook his head. As I continued to wave at the driver, he opened the front doors to tell me that he couldn't take us. While he was speaking, I pushed the woman on board and said to the driver that the woman needed to get on. Fortunately, there was a seat available right in front that would make it easy for her to speak to the driver.

In this game, the rules were attempting to keep us from our good. If I had followed the unwritten rules of that library which states only users are allowed to drink water from the water machine then I wouldn't have gone in. In any case, I usually use that library at least once a week but I didn't want to use it at that particular time, I just wanted some water. So I went in and helped myself to some.

According to the rules, we're not supposed to speak to strangers but I said hello to the elderly lady and helped her catch her bus. According to the rules, the bus driver wasn't allowed to open the doors once he'd left the bus stop. When he opened the doors to explain, I pushed the woman on board as she needed to get on.

In this game, Love won.

In truth, Love always wins because those who are on Love's side are greater than those opposing Love. I believe Love's team has infinite players.

With infinity on my side, who can be against me?


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Monday, 26 April 2010

Cause or Causeless?

I believe what we collectively call the Universe can be experienced in two ways: as having a cause or without a cause/causeless.

When the Universe is experienced as having a cause, it's rather like a dog that has been trained to sniff out particular objects. That dog will not stop till he's found the object. Let's say you have a stomach upset. If you are someone who only believes in a material cause for everything, the Universe will suggest an appropriate material cause such as something you ate. If that makes sense to you then you'll do something appropriate to counter the effects such as taking pills etc. If you're someone who believes in an emotional or mental cause for everything, the Universe will remind you about how you were feeling upset earlier. It makes sense that when you're feeling upset you're bound to have an upset stomach. To counter the effect, you will either remind yourself to calm down or think happy thoughts.

When the Universe is experienced as without a cause, there is no material, emotional or mental cause. Therefore, it's futile asking a dog to look for nothing; the dog is simply just going to do nothing as that command makes no sense to the dog. Back to the stomach upset example, when I deny any material, emotional or mental cause or think "there is no cause", the Universe has no choice but to accept that there is no cause. No cause = no effect. I will then find myself experiencing my natural state of being resulting in no stomach upstet.

I believe the Universe is inherently causeless. In other words, there is only one causeless Self, that has no beginning or end, experiencing life in its infinite forms. (I have also referred to the Self as Being, Beloved, Bliss, Consciousness, Freedom, Force, God, Life, Light, Love, Reality or Spirit). I believe the purpose of the Self is to experience and express its nature as inexhaustible bliss.

I believe the key to experiencing life as causeless is to give my dog nothing to look for, which will effectively send him into early retirement. The dog is not going to like it as it likes being active. It's going to take lots of patience to convince the dog that being still is also fun.

When I'm not looking for a cause, I am letting the Self be me; and in Self, all things are possible.


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There is Only One Day

When I woke up this morning and looked out of the window, I thought to myself that it's a brand new day to express what I love.

Hang on, there is no such thing as a brand new day!

Just because we have collectively agreed today as Monday 26 April 2010 doesn't mean it's any different from the day that is referred to as Sunday 25 April 2010. Just because the moon is visible on some nights and not others doesn't mean the nights are different. There is no such thing as a different day. I believe every day is like going through a revolving door which goes round and round and round endlessly. It's the same old day and same old night.

Today is the same day as yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before that, and the day thousands of years ago...etc.

The day I call my birthday is the same day that it is today. The only reason why I've aged is because I had bought into the belief that every day is different and older than the previous one. Thus each day I live makes me appear "older" than the previous day.

For a time it was helpful believing in the illusion. If I'd realised when I was "four years old" that time is an illusion, I would have stopped getting older. Then I would have been treated like a freak of nature: the four year old that never gets old; or the adult woman that looks like a four year old. Who's going to let a four year old looking girl do her grocery shopping? Who is going to let a four year old walk in the streets by herself? Who is going to employ a four year old? So, the trick is to stay "asleep" until such a "time" when I could wake up from the dream looking a certain age. Then I get to have the best of both worlds: people will take me seriously because I look like an adult; and I can stay the same age and never get older as I no longer buy into the illusion of time.

So what then is the point of experiencing the same old day? To experience many ways of being; many ways I can dream up stuff. That's why days seem different because our collective desires make them appear different, but it's the same old day.

What then is the past, present and future?

I believe the past is a receptacle of joyful memories and the future is anticipation of more joyful memories. The present is an opportunity to experience more joy.

Compared to today, yesterday felt like a warmer day; today I need a scarf to keep me warm. Still, it's the same old day.

There is only one day and it's today.


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